Loner. Survivor. Protector

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About the Film

“Sur’vi” is a short film about a nomadic woman who must take an orphaned girl to safety while facing deadly marauders. It’s as if Mad Max was female and lived in a society with no technology.

This is an ambitious project. Though telling a short story, with an estimated running time of ten minutes, it implies a much larger world and mythology that it inhabits. We are introduced to the title character, a mysterious lone figure who wanders upon Orphea, a young girl whose family had been killed when their caravan was attacked by marauders and now sits in the middle of nowhere in a near catatonic state. Sur’vi knows of a nearby camp and decides to take the girl there, but along the way comes across a group of men who would do harm to both of them. Sur’vi must then demonstrate her survival skills, including the deadly use of her staff.

This film is set in an indeterminate time period that could either be post apocalyptic or in the far past. Civilization is nomadic, and slavery and brutality is very much alive. Yet, as Sur’vi shows, there is still humanity in the world.

The story is set entirely outside in either wooded areas or open fields, so sets are nonexistent except for some tents. However, in order to make the world-building as realistic as possible, original costumes and props must be designed and constructed. Also, because of how the plot unfolds, certain makeup effects are needed. A lot of time will be spent in rehearsals for the fight choreography as well as allowing the actors to comfortably slip into the dialect that was created specifically for the movie.

The intent upon completion of this film is for it to be entered into film festivals. The filmmakers plan to make this as cinematic as possible, creating an entertaining and unique short film with hopes of having it seen by as wide of audiences as possible.

We are running an Indiegogo campaign, we are raising money to be able to have the resources to do this film right. While many of the cast and crew are donating their time, energy, and talent to make this a success, we have certain hard costs to cover, including costumes, props, makeup effects, camera equipment, food for the crew, marketing, and entries into film festivals. This and other unexpected costs can inflate a budget quickly, so we are looking to partner with members of the community—you—to make this happen. If you would like to contribute to our campaign and help fund “Sur’vi”, click here for our Indiegogo page.

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Cast and Crew

Cast of Characters


Sur’vi is mysterious and tough. She is a survivor, forced into that role by past experiences that are hinted at. She bears a brand of slavery and uses a broken speech pattern that indicates a lack of societal training. She will not back down from a fight, and uses deadly force if necessary. However, when she comes across a young girl in the wilderness, she demonstrates that she has the capacity for compassion.

Anna Faulkner plays Sur’vi. She is multi-talented, having displayed her creative abilities in her original costumes she has made as a two-time cosplay guest at Pensacon. She has appeared in television commercials, showing off her natural on-screen charm. She also accomplished with weaponry and trains others in the usage of light sabers. She will use her physicality and screen presence to bring Sur’vi to life.


Tan’ga is a complex character. When we first meet him, he is like a scared rabbit, having come across Sur’vi and her young charge by what seems like an accidental meeting. However, he quickly reveals himself to be a scout for a troupe of thieves who threaten the lives of the two female travelers. Ultimately, he proves to be adept with a blade and shows off his fighting skills.

Chris Kubiak plays Tan’ga. He is a natural entertainer, having hosted two different series of podcasts, Nerd Life with Chris “Kiku” Kubiak and Neek! The Podcast, produced a variety of comedic video sketches, and moderated celebrity Q&A panels at Pensacon. He has a background in martial arts and weaponry, which he will bring to the character.


Vilkur is the charismatic leader of the group of marauders who come across Sur’vi. He is cunning and imposing, and threatens to return Sur’vi to the world of slavery.

Jason Robbins plays Vilkur. He is a musician, writer, producer, and actor. He recently co-wrote and produced the short film Monsters Anonymous, directed by Jeremy London, and also appeared in the film as the Devil. Monsters Anonymous was funded by a successful crowdsourcing campaign and has been shown at numerous film festivals including the Oxford Film Festival, Mississippi Gulf Coast Film Festival, and the 6th Annual NOLA Horror Film Fest. While taking a break from his work on its sequel, Jason has been cast in two upcoming feature films in addition to “Sur’vi”. Jason also is one of the hosts of the podcast Pop Culture Palate.


Urch is the youngest member of Vilkur’s team. Just a teenager, he’s learning the ropes by patterning himself off of Vilkur, his mentor and idol. While he’s still basically an apprentice, he has no problem jumping into the fray when things turn violent.

Remy Rheault plays Urch. He is a college student who studied theater all four years of high school. He has a background in ballet and stage fighting, in addition to being trained in light saber fighting, so the physical aspects of the role are no problem for him. He recently competed in the official cosplay contest at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando in the likeness category as Kylo Ren.





Orphea is a young girl whose parents had been killed during an attack on their caravan. She finds herself in the middle of nowhere in a near catatonic state at the beginning of the film, when Sur’vi comes across her. During their trip to deliver her to the safety of a nearby camp, she bonds with Sur’vi and even picks up a bit of survival instinct.

Gabrielle Faulkner plays Orphea. She previously appeared in a Pensacon commercial, but this is her first time acting for a film.


Production Team

Writer, Director, and Producer

Stephen Wise graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in film from the University of Central Florida. He has written, directed, produced, and/or edited numerous short films that have played in film festivals around the world. He earned a best director award for “Crooks”, which won a total of five awards and was featured in a segment of the TV series Comedy Night School. His screenplays have placed in contests from the Screenwriter’s Expo, Creative Screenwriting Magazine, and Writer’s Digest, and was a quarterfinalist in Project Greenlight. Additionally, he received three Addy Awards for commercials he made. His claim to fame is co-writing the commissioned screenplay Batman: DarKnight for Warner Bros. that IFC calls one of the best unproduced Batman scripts ever written. He has judged screenplay contests for Blue Cat Screenplay Competition and the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival, as well as running the Pensacon Short Film Festival as part of his duties as Pensacon’s Programming Director. He currently works as a Creative Services producer/director for WEAR-TV in Pensacola, FL.

Director of Photography

Kevin Almodovar owns and operates Revive Media Services in Fort Walton Beach, FL, and has won over a dozen awards for productions and as a business owner. He is well-known in the local production community as one of the best director of photography, gaffer, and camera operator in the Gulf Coast, and is in demand by medical facilities and the Navy for their production needs. He shot over a dozen short films and is working on his own directorial effort, “Until Death”.

Costume Designer

LaVonne French is a professional dance instructor and a faculty member of the Performing Arts Department at Pensacola State College, where she has choreographed countless stage productions. Currently, she is the costumer for their shows. She is also the squad leader for the Parjai Squad in the 501st Legion, a Lucasfilm-authorized fan club with strict adherence to screen-accurate costumes. Additionally, she has judged cosplay contests at multiple conventions including Pensason several years running and serving as a pre-judge at Star Wars Celebration.

Fight Coordinator

Desso Faulkner is not only lead actor Anna Faulkner’s husband, but also runs Gulf Coast Lightsaber Training with her. In this capacity, he works with people who want to want to master skills with prop lightsabers for fun and for fitness.


Max Nadsady has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications Arts with a specialization in Telecommunication and Film, with minors in Art and Marketing Applications from the University of West Florida. He was an honorary intern with the America Cinema Editors Internship Program in Los Angeles in 2015. He has worked in numerous capacities on short films, including as writer, director, editor, and director of photography, and has served as the editor for the official Pensacon cosplay videos each year. This short film “Last Night”, which he produced, edited, and supervised the visual effects, won the award for Best Slasher at the 2016 Fright Night Film Fest. He works as a news photographer and editor for WEAR-TV in Pensacola, FL.

Music Composer

A.J. Caruso launched on to the music scene in the late 80’s, touring extensively across the Southeast U.S. opening for major acts such as CHEAP TRICK, REO SPEEDWAGON, FOREIGNER, and KANSAS. Composer, songwriter and guitarist, AJ now creates all original material for various media such as commercials, television, and independent films including the award winning films My Friend, Oscar, Bury Me, Monsters Anonymous and his directorial short film debut Z.14.12, of which he also wrote and produced. Originally from New Orleans, he now resides just outside of Atlanta, GA and is the owner of Straitjacket Studios where he writes and records.

Makeup & Physical Effects Supervisor

Lemmie Crews is an accomplished makeup effects artist, having contributed his talents to numerous film projects. He studied with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts to specialize in special effects makeup. He is also an accomplished artist specializing in the macabre, and sells his unique pieces online. He is also one of the originators and cast members of Nightmare Theatre, a show that celebrates old horror films.

Conceptual Artist

David Bain is a comic book artist and illustrator whose work has been on display at multiple comic book conventions and special events at comic books stores along the Gulf Coast. He designed the badge art for Pensacon 2016, which was featured on T-shirts and hoodies available for sale at the convention. With Michael Wheeler, he has created the independent comic book Roach Guard available through Unforgiven Comics.

1st Assistant Director

Katherine Bishop has an extensive history in theater, working in numerous productions since 1996 as actor, director, stage manager and assistant director. She has transitioned into film production as first assistant director on several short films and complex commercial shoots. She has a background in marketing and currently serves at the Director of Marketing and Director of Guest Relations for Pensacon and has organized various fundraisers for local non-profits on behalf of the convention.

2nd Assistant Director

Ray Alfafara has run a successful YouTube channel, BelieveInFate, where he produced numerous skits, short films, and vlogs.

Script Supervisor

Georgia Beliech is the graphic designer for Pensacon and is also the admin in charge of the volunteer team for panel operations. She is an artist and has run a makers space as well as her own arts and crafts business, Arty Miss G.

1st Assistant Camera

Devin Dailey studied film production at Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts. He has worked repeatedly alongside Kevin Almodovar in his camera crew. He recently wrote the short film “Leviticus 24”, which won Best Local Film in the 72 Hour Horror Film Race.

2nd Assistant Camera

Peter Mahaffey has worked in various crew positions on professional productions from the Gulf Coast to Atlanta. He has written and directed his own short films as well as having written feature-length screenplays.

Digital Imaging Tech

Henry Murdock studied multi-media technology at Pensacola State College and has worked on the camera crew for the broadcasts of Friday Night Rivals and High School Hoops for WFGX-TV in Pensacola, FL, and also serves on Pensacon’s A/V crew.

Drone Camera Operator

John Peters is an accomplished drone pilot and camera operator whose work has been featured in commercials.

Audio Recordists

Derek Diamond is accomplished in audio and visual technology, having run his successful podcast The Derek Diamond Experience as well as co-hosting The Nerd Cave Podcast. He works in Creative Services for the Blue Wahoos baseball team, providing their audio and visual needs during their games. He has overseen the video crew for Pensacon several years running in addition to moderating celebrity Q&A panels, and has covered multiple conventions as media, including Star Wars Celebration.


Jeremy Branch runs the Weekly Pop podcast as part of his B Terrible Productions in which he dissects the latest in pop culture news. He also creates graphic design for advertising. He has been a panel moderator for Pensacon for several years and hosts the Pensacon Short Film Festival.

Boom Operator

Paul Sackman is a musican and also works for a company that sets up lights and audio equipment for weddings.

Prop Master

Kyle Warner has a background in theatrical set construction and also spent nine years professionally building haunted houses. He also serves as an Elder for the Pensacola Costumers Guild and has been a team lead for the A/V crew at Pensacon.


Heather Warner has been a member of the Pensacola Costumers Guild for a number of years and has experience creating costumes and props for cosplay.

Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Lisa VanAmburg studied cosmotology at Fortis College and works as an independent hair stylist under Hair by Lisa V.

Key Grip

Michael Tona is on staff at the Pensacola Little Theatre and has been stage manager for two productions as well as working on the stage crew for several others. Additionally, he directed various one-act plays for 24-Hour Theatre and even appeared on stage as Demetrius in a performance of Midsummer Night’s Dream. He also worked as a best boy grip for two short films. He has served as an admin for Pensacon.


Steve VanAmburg works in pest control. He is married to makeup artist Lisa VanAmburg is has offered to lend a hand in any way he can help.






Jared Budlong is a multimedia producer with Budlong Media, which specializes in portraits and real estate photos and videos. He is also a podcaster for How It Stacks and Hot Off The Press Podcasts. Additionally, he is a proficient drone pilot and camera operator.





Scott Alan Warner is an actor and has worked crew on numerous projects. He was recently involved in two feature films.

Production Assistant

Trevor Payne is the youngest crew member at age 15. He has a passion for film and has learned a lot from YouTube tutorials and creating his own videos with his iPad. He is on had to assist Ray Alfafara or whoever needs an extra hand.

Indiegogo Contributors

Dorothy Anthony
Joseph Baggett
Zachary Bell
Marianne Behr
Hope Butler
Colby & Christina Chapin
Chris Clow
Chris Cranford
Robert & Kathleen Creedon
Derek Diamond
Danny Dubose
April Edwards
Mike Ensley
Paula Farris
Marty Faulkner
Goulash Games
Robert Gill
Victor Gischler
Barry Gregory
Tasha King
Toni Maines
Patti Maxwell
Jonathan McIntosh
Jeff McKenzie
Kelly Melville
Andrew Metzger
Jake O’Neall
Oscar Pavlo
Ryan Petel
Denise Riggs
Cheryl Sackman
Becca Smith
Terri Szombathelyi
Jason Thomsen
Greg Tyson
Lisa VanAmburg
Mark Wright
Robert Hunter Wright, Jr.
Christine York


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