About the Film

“Sur’vi” is a short film about a nomadic woman who must take an orphaned girl to safety while facing deadly marauders. It’s as if Mad Max was female and lived in a society with no technology.

This is an ambitious project. Though telling a short story, with an estimated running time of ten minutes, it implies a much larger world and mythology that it inhabits. We are introduced to the title character, a mysterious lone figure who wanders upon Orphea, a young girl whose family had been killed when their caravan was attacked by marauders and now sits in the middle of nowhere in a near catatonic state. Sur’vi knows of a nearby camp and decides to take the girl there, but along the way comes across a group of men who would do harm to both of them. Sur’vi must then demonstrate her survival skills, including the deadly use of her staff.

This film is set in an indeterminate time period that could either be post apocalyptic or in the far past. Civilization is nomadic, and slavery and brutality is very much alive. Yet, as Sur’vi shows, there is still humanity in the world.

The story is set entirely outside in either wooded areas or open fields, so sets are nonexistent except for some tents. However, in order to make the world-building as realistic as possible, original costumes and props must be designed and constructed. Also, because of how the plot unfolds, certain makeup effects are needed. A lot of time will be spent in rehearsals for the fight choreography as well as allowing the actors to comfortably slip into the dialect that was created specifically for the movie.

The intent upon completion of this film is for it to be entered into film festivals. The filmmakers plan to make this as cinematic as possible, creating an entertaining and unique short film with hopes of having it seen by as wide of audiences as possible.

We are running an Indiegogo campaign, we are raising money to be able to have the resources to do this film right. While many of the cast and crew are donating their time, energy, and talent to make this a success, we have certain hard costs to cover, including costumes, props, makeup effects, camera equipment, food for the crew, marketing, and entries into film festivals. This and other unexpected costs can inflate a budget quickly, so we are looking to partner with members of the community—you—to make this happen. If you would like to contribute to our campaign and help fund “Sur’vi”, click here for our Indiegogo page.